Murals and creative paint for homes and business that transform your space and enhance the everyday in MA, CT & RI. Custom mural designs for living rooms, family rooms, bedrooms, baths, kitchens and children’s rooms. Have an office or buisness? Give your clients an experience they’ll love to return to and reinforce your company identity with a custom mural. 

    Would you like to go on vacation every day?
    (Private Bath  -  Killingly CT)
    What if the sky was the beginning, not the limit?
    (Private Residence - Brooklyn, CT)    

               With just a few feet or an entire room, murals can transform a space.
    (Private Bath - Abington, CT)

    Lets get started on your custom mural!
    Murals are painted on site, in the studio or digitally created.
    Mural costs are calculated by the square foot and includes:
     Custom Design:
      Together we will look at the space and grow your ideas for the artwork. After we figure out the concept, I will create digital mock-up sketches for you. I like to digitally draw over a photo so you will basically be able to see what it will really look like in the space. Once you approve a sketch, we will set a date and the painting can begin.
    Supplies and Materials:
    All paint and supplies for your project are included. I use high quality major brand paint to insures color stability and long time wear.
    “American Flag” approximately 9x18’ including bump outs 
    ("VALOR" room Frito-Lay Corporation - Dayville, CT) 

    (WW2 planes, section shown approximately 5x6 ft.)

    Custom designs for any home or business
         “The Dog House” Dog Daycare & Boarding - Westwood, MA

    (Private Residences Indoor Avairy - Woodstock, CT)
    Forest shown is about 8’x 10’ and 3’x 8’
    Can you find the corner of the room? (It's hidden into the forest)

    (Country Oak Tree - Sterling CT) 
    Galaxy ceiling with glow in the dark accents (8x11)
    Call or email me to discuss your ideas:

    Each panel below is a painting 2.5 x 6 ft.
    Mural costs include:
     Custom Design:
      Together we will generate ideas, and then I will provide concept sketches for approval. After a concept is agreed upon, digital mock-up sketches will be provided to finalize your vision. Once that is agreed upon, the painting can begin.
    Supplies and Materials:
    All paint and supplies for your project, high quality major brand paint insures color stability, long time wear.
      Here are a few more examples of my mural work...
    (“RISE” room [Forest wall and main wall detail] Frito-Lay, Dayville, CT) 
     “PAN” entry hallway, approx. 9’x14’ Frito-Lay, Dayville, CT
     Chinese Lantern Festival (Frito-Lay P.A.N ) Wall size approxirmately 20’x9’