Business Services

Business Services
Use the power of Art, color and design to help enhance your customer experience.
Show your customers how much you care about them
Don’t make your customers stare at blank walls and old magazines while waiting for your service, give them something to enjoy.

“Dog House” Westwood, MA

People crave feel good interactions and wow moments,
so make your space special for your customers.

A mural, fun signage, or an interactive installation
will keep you on top of their list.

Frito-Lay, Dayville, CT
Art and design can help your business grow through advertising,
and can help to retain your existing base. 

Contact me to find out how art can help you

Services offered are:
Murals, digital photography, signage, advertising campaigns, visual content 

** NEW!! 2021! Now offering professional photography services for large scale printing  for Businesses and Artists. Capture up to 30 megapixels for your artwork, products, or business photos. 

   Erin Elsey Auger has been creating Art for over 30 years and has an Associate Degree in the Arts. She has painted professionally for Frito-Lay (Dayville, CT), Dominos Pizza (Norwood, MA), Dog House (Westwood, MA), Route 32 Liquors (Mansfield,CT), and many other businesses and clients.

  Original Art and Designs by Erin Elsey Auger