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Where do we start?

     First there is an idea, then we figure out sizing and placement. A sketch is then made to insure that the desired result will be produced. Once agreed upon, it is time to start painting! Murals are created with latex paint to ensure durability and color stability. A Low V.O.C option is available for paint sensitivities.


     A painting with a low amount of detail, or a simple design starts at $10.00 per square foot.

     (Example of what I consider low detail or simple design...approximate size is 2x2 ft)


     A painting with a moderate amount of detail starts at $15.00 per square foot

(Example of what I consider moderate detail on a wall approximately sized 6x8 ft...)

A painting with a high amount of detail or difficulty starts at $20.00 per square foot.

(Example of a high detail/difficult painting on a wall approximately 10x12 ft)



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